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The classic battle! Six playful but very challenging activities. Which team is the fastest, has the most power and playing the smartest? One thing is certain: It is guaranteed fun!

The hexathlon is a really fun program where you battle each other in six challenges. The possibility in the hexathlon are endless. You can choose from active and less active games. A fun activity with a winner at the end!

Games can be:

- Fun relay
- A Walking
- Tacks
- Giant Twister race
- Blowgun Shooting
- Trunk Throwing
- Twin Soccer
- Giant Catapult
- Bonker Hockey
- Beachlacrosse

A hexathlon is suitable as a corporate event, group outing or teambuilding event. Which team is the fastest? Most powerful? Smartest? And has the best endurance? Fun is guaranteed.


2 hours


From 12 people


€ 31,50 p.p.