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Delicious and 99,9% biological
 AlohaSurf Scheveningen

Aloha's Kitchen since 2013

Are you super hungry? ALoha's Kitchen presents our delicious Sunrise Breakfast Plates, just before you're heading towards to ocean for a great surfsession. Finished? We have the juiciest burgers to fill your belly again. Whatever your appetite is, Aloha always offers some delightful snacks and bites, biological, fair trade, vegetarian or 100% free range. 

Our koffie by Puro is biological and fairtrade, and tastes even better with our homemade, fresh sweets and cakes to nibble on. Not so much of a sweet tooth? No worries, we also do have tasty, mouth watering toasties. 

It's time to get a real drink? In addition to the known traditional assortment of refreshments, we also offer a great variety of beers and several wines, and of course, these drinks taste even better with some savory snacks! 

Getting hungry? See for yourself, our menu is too delicious 

Do you want to organize a BBQ? From € 20.50 we have a BBQ, vegan or fish/meat BBQ !! If you want more information about this smoking hot BBQ, please send us an email for more information.

Aloha's Kitchen opens daily at 08:30h until 23:00, Thursdays to Saturdays we're even open untill 01:00!. Let's get this party started! See you after surf! 


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    AlohaSurf locatie Scheveningen

    Our location

    Our permanent pavilion is built in 2015. Evert Pronk van Bint Architects made this design. 

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