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We are Aloha Surf !
 AlohaSurf Scheveningen

Did you know that Aloha .. ?

Did you know that Aloha…. ?

… exists since 2002
… has a new location since 2015 which is all year round
… offers SUP-lessons besides the regular surf lessons
… is located at the most popular surf spot in The Netherlands
… used to be named M-sports
… is not only a Surf school, but also has a Surf shop, a Web shop and a Kitchen
… is translated from the Hawaiian language and means hello or goodbye
… has a drying area for all wetsuits
… is an international surfing school
… has surf instructors that have been working for years now … can be rented out for your wedding or any other party … won the prize 'best corporate social responsibility'

Opening hours

School Mo - Sun 08:30 - Sunset

Sun - The
Fri - Sa

08:30 - 23:00
08:30 - 01:00

Shop Mo - Sa
09:30 - 18:00
10:00 - 18:00


AlohaSurf locatie Scheveningen

Our location

Our permanent pavilion is built in 2015. Evert Pronk van Bint Architects made this design. 

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